Advancing Food Banks

Locally led food banks are essential to transforming food systems. We help food banks reach their potential faster and more efficiently.  

Our mission is simple: We advance and unite food banks so they can reliably connect their communities to nutritious food and reduce food loss and waste.

Through GFN staff experts and connections with other food banks and partners, we make sure food banks have the resources they need to operate optimally, expand responsibly, and respond to unexpected shocks that come their way.  

We understand that every community is unique, and we believe that a community’s leaders know the best ways to address their community’s own specific challenges. With that in mind, we help food banks adapt or adopt the models and practices suited to their specific contexts. 

Whether we’re helping community leaders start their own food banks, supporting the growth of nascent food banks, strengthening food banks that have been in existence for decades, or gathering food bank professionals to share their knowledge and experiences across borders and cultures, GFN is working toward a world where everyone can access food.

“GFN’s support continues to be instrumental to achieving our goal of providing nutritious meals with dignity to all. It’s all part of our vision for the future—for No Food Waste, and for our country.”
Padmanaban Gopalan
Founder, No Food Waste India
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