Our Partners

Our corporate and foundation partners provide funding and food to support member food banks’ vision for food security in their communities. 

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Our Partners

Gemma Gooch, Co-Head of Global Social Impact at BlackRock
BlackRock is proud to partner with The Global FoodBanking Network because of the thought leadership and technical expertise they leverage to create a more robust food banking system for communities worldwide. GFN enables its food bank partners to sustainably scale their reach and impact, addressing food security challenges faced by more and more people both today and tomorrow.
Nate Brown, PIMCO Foundation Director
We invest in impactful solutions to mitigate hunger. Food banks are efficient and effective organizations that nourish food insecure individuals both directly and through charitable partners. Moreover, their benefits go beyond hunger mitigation by contributing to environmental sustainability including reducing greenhouse gases caused by food waste. GFN’s expertise, technical assistance and tireless support not only improves foodbanks’ ability to increase sustained food access, but to also serve their communities through a variety of critical services.
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