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We all play a role in building better food systems. Join us by helping locally led food banks connect millions of people to safe, wholesome food.

Food banks alleviate hunger—you can help them reach more people and places.

While millions of people struggle to access enough safe and nutritious food, nearly a third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Together, we can change that. When you make your first donation, organize a fundraiser, or get your company involved with financial or product contributions, you:

  • help community-led food banks increase food access for people facing hunger in nearly 50 countries,
  • support efforts to reduce food loss and waste and mitigate climate change,
  • and power a global network of local leaders and organizations that are strengthening their communities.
Every US$1 invested in GFN provides enough food for an average of 14 meals, according to 2020 data.*

*Transparency is important to us, so we want to be clear about how this data point is calculated.

Ways to Give

Donate now—or monthly
A donation today will strengthen GFN and locally led food banks. Become a Friends of Food Banking monthly donor to help Network members connect millions of people with safe, wholesome food throughout the year.
Connect your food and products
Your company can join the global effort to address climate change and connect more people with safe food and essential items; and we can help you do it efficiently and economically alongside locally led food banks across six continents.


Get your company involved
We build one-of-a-kind and meaningful partnerships. Through global and regional programs, your company or foundation can contribute through financial gifts, employee and customer engagement programs, and more.

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