Thank a Food Banker

Thank a food banker and the dedicated people who keep food banks going!
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Thank a Food Banker - The Global FoodBanking Network

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Food bankers play a key role in addressing the global hunger crisis. In the coming months and beyond, locally led food banks will continue to be an integral part of the response to the cost-of-living crisis, providing safe, wholesome food to those facing hunger and strengthening social support systems in communities that are most impacted.

The cost of food, fuel, and fertilizer has risen rapidly across the globe. Rising food prices mean that fewer people can afford a nutritious diet—and as many as 1.7 billion people could fall into poverty and hunger as a result. Food banks are needed now as much as any time in recent memory—they step up to meet increased need for food relief when communities are faced with unimaginably difficult situations.

GFN has launched a global Cost-of-Living Crisis Emergency Response to help partner food banks maintain and increase levels of service at a time when communities need that support the most.

THANK YOU to food bank staff and volunteers around the world, who are making sure their communities have access to safe, wholesome food during the cost-of-living-crisis and beyond

Learn more about the global cost-of-living crises and hear directly from food bankers.
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